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What Makes NOVAVPN the Best?

  • Unlimited data usage
  • Simple, fast download
  • Zero restrictions and no download caps
  • 24x7x365 support team
  • 100+ servers, 10+ server locations worldwide
  • No third parties
  • DNS leak protection

We have 100+ servers
in 10 countries

Does it get more frustrating than buffering and bandwidth throttling? Choose servers from 10 countries and enjoy the fastest VPN experience and better connectivity on any device, at any place and any time

Trusted by companies including

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Why Do You Need NOVAVPN?

Highspeed VPN
Highspeed VPN
NovaVPN offers top-notch security technology together with high-speed connection, so you can have the fastest VPN experience.
No Logging
No Logging
NovaVPN does not and will never log traffic data, DNS queries.
Unlimited Server Changes
Unlimited Server Changes
Choose from 100+ VPN server locations in 10 countries all over the world with unlimited server switches.
Multiple Loggins
Multiple Loggins
With a single NovaVPN account, you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously without compromising your online security.
DNS leak protection
DNS leak protection
NovaVPN runs its own private, encrypted DNS on every server, making your connections both safer and faster.
Your data is protected by advanced mathematics in AES-256, the encryption standard trusted by security experts worldwide.

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