Best Free Proxy Server List

A couple of things about proxies

Pretty much every web browser allows you to use web proxies. Proxies are used to hide your real IP address. Once you establish a connection to a website, your real IP and location will not be visible. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean that it becomes impossible to track you down. To make things easier, we have decided to compile a list of free proxies. Nevertheless, since they are for free, you should not expect something extraordinary for your internet security.

If you want safety, nothing beats NovaVPN. Proxies are valuable, but they don’t have data encryption, Kill-Switch, DNS leak protection and plenty of other great features that ensure your anonymity. It is also worth mentioning that once you connect to NovaVPN on any device, it will automatically find the best settings to optimize your speed and security. There won’t be any issues accessing the likes of YouTube or social media platforms.

NovaVPN versus Free proxies

Even though you can hide your IP using proxies, it doesn’t do nearly as much as a VPN would. That is why NovaVPN is the best choice if you want to avoid hacks, DDoS attacks, and anybody who wants to keep track of your online activities. Every bit of your information is in good hands with NovaVPN and its modern encryption techniques.

Advantages of virtual private networks

If you want to find a real-life comparison to a VPN, then a private tunnel could be one of the best choices. If the internet is the world, then a VPN is your personal way to go through it, without having to worry about others entering your space.

Every little bit of information that goes through this tunnel is protected in a way that can be compared to a soldier wearing Kevlar. And nobody can injure the soldier, as he reaches the destination without any worries.

To make everything as secure as possible, NovaVPN encrypts your data. Even if somebody were able to get in, they would see nothing but armored soldiers who are impossible to pierce. It would be impossible to find out who these soldiers are, where they came from, and what they are carrying.Even if people who attempt to break your privacy had all the time in the world, they would still be unable to access this information.

Meanwhile, a proxy can offer you with following orders. From the outside, a proxy would appear like somebody asking for information, rather than trying to keep it private. Finally, the whole process of using proxies is much more complicated. Not to mention the fact that it can really burden your bandwidth, slowing everything down. And it won't be able to protect your data as NovaVPN would.