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Best VPN Rating

We have been lucky enough to receive attention from one of the most prominent websites of VPN evaluation. The guys at Best VPN Rating specialize in comparing various private network services and determine which ones are the best in the industry. They have written more than 150 reviews, all of which are detailed and easy to understand. Following their list of recommendations will ensure you have the best possible internet safety.

We at NovaVPN are grateful for the recognition. One of the things that the article emphasized about is our great solution to the big firewall of China. This is one of our key targets. After all, there are plenty of people who use the internet in China, but all the restrictions make it difficult to get everything the world wide web has to offer. Window users can bypass VPN block by submitting us a support ticket.

While the article has a lot of information, it does not mention that we have discount coupons for everyone who is willing to try our virtual private networks. If the initial prices might seem a bit discouraging, a coupon should fix that right away. You can get a discount by clicking here.

We would also like to remind that we have recently launched an iOS version. It is still not at the final stage, but we are thoroughly testing it and fixing every problem that gets in the way. Those who would like to help us out can apply for a free 7-day trial for their iOS devices. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

According to the review, servers located in North America are not good enough for high-definition videos – movies in particular. A VPN reduces the speed of the internet, and it takes a toll on buffering. We are not in the dark about this. We care enough about our customers and continue to improve our servers and add new, more powerful ones. And while we do not provide 24/7 customer support, it is just a matter of time. NovaVPN continues to expand and leave their mark in the virtual private network industry. Articles from websites that rate and compare such services are one of the testaments to our success.

This was written as a thank you to everyone at Best VPN Rating for NovaVPN review. We believe that exposure from them will motivate us even more. It is no secret that acknowledgment from others is one of the best motivators to help with moving forward.