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People are always looking for options to download recent movies or TV shows in the best possible quality. Torrents are the best answer to this problem. We have decided to help those in need and continuously update our list of the best websites for torrenting videos. The information we provide is always up to date. The focus is on quality, meaning that we only pay attention to sites that have HD movies. The list is available a bit further down.

Even though we try to keep things as fresh as possible, it is impossible to predict when someone might implement changes. So to avoid any potential threats of torrenting, we recommend getting a virtual private network. It will help you deal with unwanted ads and links that could cause problems.

Yify Subtitles

Movies are one of the most favorite pastime activities these days. However, due to various circumstances, not everyone can go to the cinema. So they have to look for alternatives if they want to catch the latest release. Buying a DVD as soon as it comes out is one of the options, but for some, it might seem like a luxury. People want to see their favorite actor starring no matter what, so it is only natural that websites like Yify Subtitles exist. It is without a doubt one of the best film streaming pages on the internet.

The availability is just one of the few reasons why people are coming back to Yify. Visitors can choose from more than 20 different genres. And it is not just for the English speaking individuals. There are more than 30 languages for the films, both in subtitle and dub form.

Exclusive releases, or what you should instead call movies that have been limited to specific countries or cinemas can also be found on Yify Subtitles. Indie cinema fans will rejoice with all the fantastic choices that are present on the website.

Yify Unblocked Through Yify Proxy & Yify (YTS) Mirror Sites 2018

People may find it difficult to use yify torrent because of the ban. To open the site, you need to have Yify proxy servers. These servers will take you to a proxy page, which allows you to download the content.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purpose only.

Yify Movies

If you are one of those individuals that enjoy the quality of the film as much as the story or acting, poor definition just won’t cut it. An option where one could instantly start streaming the movie would be the ideal choice. Yify Movies is one of the best platforms that can boast of having the most recent flicks in a BluRay format. But it is not just the quality that attracts so many visitors to the page. It is the fact that the movie library here is endless. Everybody will find something to watch – even those who claim to have seen all the films. It is not just the Hollywood blockbusters that are available. Independent films also have a place on the website. And there are plenty of exclusive releases that one could only witness in a particular film festival or a movie theater in a faraway land.

Yify 1080p

Quality is always more important than quantity. That is why every movie fan who does not have a cinema in their hometown or can’t afford to buy DVDs should visit Yify 1080p section. The website is one of the best film streaming platforms on the internet, and it has been around for years. This community-driven project is consistently getting updates. Not just by adding new releases to their library, but by improving their clients on all platforms. They support Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. It won’t matter where you are coming from, enjoying a good story will not be limited to what device you have.

It is also worth pointing out that Yify 1080p is not limited to just movies that you would find in a theater. A lot of releases never see the light of day in the most popular cinemas and end up in a DVD form. As there are a lot of fans of these so-called “bad” movies, one can check them out without having to spend any money. And since the format presses the size of a file to a minimum, you will not have to wait too long until you can start watching.

Yify and VPN

A lot of individuals who use free movie streaming websites argue whether it is worth using a virtual private network. From a safety point of view, this would seem like the most obvious “yes” ever. However, there are a lot of VPN providers who can’t boast of having a quality that is good enough for most users. Running this in the background can slow down your speed and make it impossible to do anything. Combining Yify and VPN is advisable only if your provider will not drop the bomb and stick to the promise of bringing quality.

Quality of Yify

Ever since going to a movie theater became too expensive for regular folk, people have started looking for alternatives. Free stuff is always attractive, and movies are no exception to this rule. Various streaming platforms have begun popping left and right. While some managed to last for a decent period, most of them failed before really lifting off. Yify is one of those survivors who continues to provide quality stuff. And with recent improvements to technology, the developers can encode movies with the help of x264 codec and MP4 container. This format allows everyone to enjoy movies on smartphones as well as computers. And the best thing about it is that Quality of Yify films or TV series does not suffer one bit. Everybody can start streaming a video with just a few mouse clicks.

Yify series

While Yify has a lot of great movies available for free, it doesn’t stop there. A lot of people enjoy TV series more than movies. Whether it is due to more room for character development or more content in general, popular shows have as many fans as movies. And Yify series selection is one that a lot of websites can only hope of having. As there are a lot of different shows getting made every year, it is impossible to keep up with everything that is released. And having a go-to place where everything you hope for is available seems like a fantastic thing. Finally, Yify also has a lot of forgotten TV shows that only the older generation remembers. It would be worth checking those out just for the sake of nostalgia.

Downloading movies using torrents

Quite a few individuals look for a way to entertain themselves without having to pay. And one of the most popular methods to accomplish that is downloading movies using torrents. However, with the sudden rise of popularity of websites like Yify, it has become apparent that it is not the only way. Now, you don’t need to wait until the file has finished downloading. Yify allows you to instantly start streaming any movie or TV show that is available on their website.  And you won’t suffer in quality. High definition is guaranteed.