Safety Is a Choise You Make

Reasons to Consider NovaVPN as an Answer to Internet Safety and Privacy

Concerns regarding the internet safety have been on the rise the last couple of years. Due to all the news about cyber-attacks and censorship, more and more individuals are looking to get out of such a situation. And while remaining secure in your home is not too much of a trouble, the same cannot be said about public networks.

Whenever you go traveling, expecting to make it with an internet you buy is impossible for a lot of people. Mostly because of how expensive it is. That’s why one of the things we look for in a hotel is a free Wi-Fi.

There are a lot of individuals who stay at the hotel at the same time. Not to mention everybody that comes and goes. Such numbers almost guarantee that somebody will try to take advantage of an unprotected network.

Passwords for such networks are easy to predict, and more often than not, the owner wants to make extra money, so he or she allows random people to join. Given that they pay for it. This behavior means problems for both owners and visitors of the hotel. It should be a no-brainer that you need protection. Data encryption from a VPN comes in handy when you want to preserve privacy or protect yourself fropotential threats

Hacking It Is Simpler Than It looks

Despite default settings and protections, hacking a hotel network is more or less a piece of cake. Once you locate a dedicated IP address using whatever technique, everything opens up to you. Entering the IP address in a browser lets you locate login details. That’s all you need to start controlling the network. Again, a service that allows you to switch servers and appear connected from another side of the world can and will prevent from falling into the hands of hackers. 

Protection All Around

Having something to protect your privacy and ensure anonymity is definitely something to consider. VPNs encrypt data and work as a means of defense against any danger you will face while browsing. Hardly anyone can hack them, which makes it an even better investment.

Different Needs for Different People

You might be thinking that such services are only available for laptops and personal computers. While that’s the case with a lot of VPN providers, NovaVPN supports all platforms. It is also worth pointing out that you can connect to the private network with more than one device. A benefit for those that don’t live or travel alone.

Are You Certain That Your Credit Card or Bank Account Is Still Safe?

It’s impossible to know when you might need to log in to your bank account, email, Facebook profile, etc. Free Wi-Fi usually means that somebody is waiting to pounce on the first opportunity to access your information. Moreover, there are plenty of individuals who place free routers that are available to everyone. It’s the easiest way to find prey for such criminals. However, if you have NovaVPN on the go, then you can join any network out there, without having to consider all the bad things that could happen.

Internet Providers Should Also Invest

It’s not just the users who are connecting to a public Wi-Fi that should be worried. If you run a business that provides internet, it is essential to separate your personal network from the business one. Though it would mean paying double for basically the same thing. So why wouldn’t you want to solve such a problem with NovaVPN – a way to browse freely and without any worries?