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Automatic connection to VPN

NovaVPN is keeping up with all the latest trends in the internet security. We have recently added a brand-new feature – auto VPN connection. Those who frequently use public Wi-Fi should appreciate this addition a lot. The next time you are going to connect to a new network, NovaVPN will start working the moment you have joined.

How does the feature function?

An auto connection saves you some time and helps those who tend to forget about these things.

Is public Wi-Fi really that bad?

At first glance, it would seem that there is nothing wrong with using free internet, right? Many places offer Wi-Fi to visitors.

Nevertheless, some things aren’t as great. Public internet is susceptible to attacks. A free Wi-Fi hotspot usually means no protection – lack of router configurations, non-existent passwords, etc. And these problems aren’t just in public areas. It could potentially happen at work or even at home.

Experienced criminals take advantage of public networks for their own benefit. For them, collecting private information becomes a piece of cake.

A well-equipped hacker will breeze through any security of a network, so it’s only natural that these public hotspots are nothing to them. With the right tools, they can access your information, and manipulate your browser in ways that influence your choices.

If you let them in, expect to receive some sort of malware. A malware means that you will not be the sole owner of your device.

Beware fake hotspots. If you are in a public library and want to connect to a Wi-Fi network, one with the name of “Public_Library” should be an obvious choice. However, some criminals like to set up fake networks. Seeing something along the lines of “Public_Library_FREE” usually means that it’s an entirely different network. And nobody would recommend using it.

Start right now!

The automatic connection is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Just grab the nearest device and give it a go.

Start an app and go to “Settings.” Then, go to “Always ON”

You can also choose the location of a server, and quick connect – automatic connection to a recommended server.

Set everything up, and rest easy. The next time you are going to join a network, there won’t be any threats to your privacy.