Safety Is a Choise You Make

How to remain safe while using Airbnb WiFi

Individuals who like traveling more than anything else have heard about Airbnb. It’s a great tool to find accommodation. And since the website is known throughout the world, it’s easy to experience new cultures and meet great people. One of the things that make Airbnb so popular is WiFi they offer to their clients. We rely on the internet too much these days, so it’s no surprise that people want to be online even when they are abroad. However, using this particular internet might be more dangerous than you expect.

Why it’s important to have a safe WiFi connection

When you are abroad, you shouldn’t expect to have an internet connection all to yourself. All sorts of people will connect to the same network. This by no means suggests that Airbnb is full of hackers, yet passwords of these networks are given to a number of people every day. Not to mention the fact that providers rarely change them.

You could be on a network that was already hacked. Or the host has decided to make extra cash and decided to share the WiFi with outsiders, which is detrimental to security.

Finally, since these providers share the passwords with others, they are also at risk. Even though they might not be aware of it themselves.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward

Despite encryptions and other means of security, it’s not too much trouble overcoming them.

All it takes is a browser, and some skills to find out what the dedicated IP address is. Once you have it, just copy the numbers in the address bar, and you are all set.

But that’s not everything. If you can make the router work for you, making changes to the gateway is also not out of a reach. An example of this could be messing with Raspberry Pi. It’s possible to redirect every little bit of network traffic to your device.

Add dedicated DNS to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and it’s possible to design something like Facebook or Gmail. Network users are easy to fool, and they won’t hesitate to enter their credentials to log in. While it might not be obvious to them, you would end up holding all their passwords and other information in your hands.

Sure, this whole situation is hyperbolic, but it’s still possible. It’s a piece of cake to use a device which collects information about Airbnb guests. And it would continue to gather information unless they change the WiFi password.

Connected users will see much more

It doesn’t take a hacker to find out what you have been sharing on the network. All your files – family photos, personal documents, etc. will be available to those who join.

Some things, like a personal calendar, might not be harmless for others to see, but certain people like to keep things as private as possible.

If it’s impossible to provide a network other than your personal one, the least you can do is making sure there isn’t any information you want others to see.

Virtual Private Network is the way to protect yourself

Airbnb users that need internet should definitely invest into a VPN. Virtual Private Network secures information and protects you from anyone who wants to access it. It’s more or less impossible to breach, and it’s one of those things that everybody should have.

One of the best things about VPNs is that you can use them with more than one device. If you have a smartphone and laptop you want to bring, worry not. As for the needs at home, more than one person can take advantage of a private network at the same time.

But that’s not where all the good things about VPNs end. Kill-switch will let you to shut off a device from a network immediately. Geoblocked content is also available. As for the network servers, you can choose one from pretty much anywhere in the world.

However, not every network has these features. That’s why we strongly recommend using our services. We have all necessary things that make our Virtual Private Network one of the best out there.

Airbnb hosts should also take precautions

If you are one of the hosts for Airbnb WiFi networks, you should invest in protection too. Even though there is a screening process for everyone who applies to become a host, it doesn’t mean you should feel comfortable. As already mentioned, getting access to your network doesn’t take too much of an effort.

What we recommend is getting an entirely separate WiFi for visitors. And you should have a habit of changing the password at least once every month.

Virtual Private Network is definitely worth investing into if there are a lot of people using your WiFi. It’s imperative to make sure that all your information is safe and sound.

It’s impossible to predict who will be joining your network. The least you can do is protect yourself from a potential threat. And nothing beats a VPN in this department.