Safety Is a Choise You Make

The Importance of VPN for Internet Pirates

One could hardly argue against the fact that a lot of individuals pirate on the internet. Most of us have heard about The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and so forth. However, there is one thing that a lot might not be that familiar with – lack of privacy. Downloading from such trackers means that most of your information is available to those who seek it. Moreover, a lot of internet providers tend to keep logbooks of their users. It helps them limit the bandwidth whenever something suspicious is happening from the user’s end.

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Why you should use our VPN in Qatar

People use Skype, Facetime, and Whatsapp all the time. If these services were no longer available, life would become impossible for quite a few of us.

This is the exact situation that we have right now in Qatar – one of the richest countries in the world. There was an Eid weekend, perhaps the biggest religious celebration, and that’s when Qataris noticed that there was something wrong with all the Voice over Protocol services.

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2017 was the year where everybody had to deal with internet security problems. Private information leaks – passwords and emails influenced the outcome of American presidential election. The United States Congress decided to overturn privacy rules, and we have still yet to find out what will happen to Net Neutrality. Finally, recent studies have revealed that security protocols of Wi-Fi networks are also in danger.

It’s no news that we rely on technology too much. However, too much reliance can be a bad thing, especially if we overlook potential threats. That’s why ensuring our safety in a virtual world is more important than ever. Not having to worry the next time you connect to a new network is a great feeling. 2018 is probably the best time to consider making some serious changes. Below you will find a list which should be a good starting point.

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Concerns regarding the internet safety have been on the rise the last couple of years. Due to all the news about cyber-attacks and censorship, more and more individuals are looking to get out of such a situation. And while remaining secure in your home is not too much of a trouble, the same cannot be said about public networks.

Whenever you go traveling, expecting to make it with an internet you buy is impossible for a lot of people. Mostly because of how expensive it is. That’s why one of the things we look for in a hotel is a free Wi-Fi.

There are a lot of individuals who stay at the hotel at the same time. Not to mention everybody that comes and goes. Such numbers almost guarantee that somebody will try to take advantage of an unprotected network.

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A virtual private network is one of the best ways to remain secure on the internet. The same thing could be said about cryptocurrencies. And since the two are relatively new, it’s no surprise that there is still a lot left to explore. The goal of this article is to reveal just how big of an impact crypto can have on VPNs.

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Automatic connection to VPN

NovaVPN is keeping up with all the latest trends in the internet security. We have recently added a brand-new feature – auto VPN connection. Those who frequently use public Wi-Fi should appreciate this addition a lot. The next time you are going to connect to a new network, NovaVPN will start working the moment you have joined.

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Recent events would suggest that the internet is facing a lot of issues. And these problems will likely continue. Our privacy is at stake here, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of people are looking for solutions. An excellent way to feel safe is a virtual private network, which offers more than just privacy.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a clue about VPNs, this is the place. The article should give you a general idea of what to expect from these services and why you should consider ordering it right now.

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Despite its biggest efforts, even the Great Firewall of China cannot keep Donald Trump in check.

The United States President went on a trip across Asia, and during his visit in China, managed to use his favorite social media platform – Twitter.

However, you shouldn’t be able to use Twitter on Chinese soil. And the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Gmail have been out of the game for almost 10 years now.

If you have went on a trip to China, you have probably heard about a way to access these blocked  websites. The solution is a VPN.

But Chinese Government has decided to ban VPNs since 2017. There were cases where sellers of  these services were arrested.

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